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The most unique image you will ever know

NefertitiImage Life Casting create stunning and totally unique three dimensional images direct from the human body, revealing the individual in a way that few will ever see.

Life cast sculptures are as unique as you are, capturing the moment in time our sculptures can reveal even tiny details like fingerprints or be adjusted to create effects in glass, metal or designs only limited by imagination. Our three dimensional portraits are works of art that will become a timeless record of who you are.

A life cast makes the most unique and personal gift for someone close, perhaps to celebrate an anniversary, or to record forever the changes in pregnancy or the tiny hands and feet of your child, but more than this a life cast is a celebration of who you are.

The human image has fascinated us since the beginning of time and Life casts go back all the way to ancient Egypt. Today the process is both more refined and uses a combination of art and science to create beautiful bespoke images that will be a talking point for years to come.

Bronze Casting

3D casting available in various materials.

Torso Casting

A beautiful memory to cherish forever.

Embellished Casts

Beautiful bespoke 3D images.